Tendo 2020 Q1

Nobody seems to be talking much about it, but the decade is about to close. This second “bookend” digest looks back on latest product discovery and fundraising, and forwards to workforce trends that inform our outlook for 2020. Tendo took its first outside investment and joined Bethnal Green Venture’s “Tech for Good” incubator programme. BGV have been investing in impact-orientated companies for a decade now, jumping into the category well before it was cool.

Those plugged into the UK General Election might have noticed the Liberal Democrats insert “Skills Wallets” into their manifesto, mirroring what Kamala Harris has proposed across the pond – financial accounts to store pre-taxed savings to be spent on training. The living wage campaign is gaining momentum, with rates for 2019/20 lifted to £9.30 (national) and £10.75 (London) dictating minimum pay for 6,000 participating companies (210,000 employees). The repositioning of the employee as a vital stakeholder chimes with ESG topics, the post-war backstory to which is outlined in Rick Wartzman’s “The End of Loyalty” (book review).