Skillhood | October 6, 2020

The long-term implications of COVID become more certain. Small companies are trying to survive. Larger companies (100,000) are designing for 2021+ and the new status of frontline workers. Skills interoperability is at the forefront. BLM has a response – BAME in Hospitality. We broaden our courses offering to go beyond Coffee – now there are curated courses for digital skills and in-demand sectors, social care and technical support. Our first customers land.

Will Ross | October 2, 2020

Summer spent in London. Money from Martin Amis was a highlight – the ease of flying between New York and London in the previous millennial at a distance from pandemic travel. That said, made it to Margate, Cardiff and to Dungeness for desert, art and English sparking wine. Spoke with Walmart and Verizon on skilling topics for Tendo. Track races but nothing exceptional 2:02 being the season’s best.