Tendo | January 1, 2019

Product: Released uni-directional flow at app.tendo.com to allow employers to accredit their workforces over SMS (USA, UK, South Africa). Travel: Visit to D.C. to attend launch of a tooling for better jobs, a partnerhips betweeen The Aspen Institute and Working Metrics. The year ended with two weeks in Johannesburg, meeting with companies involved in downtown renewal.

Will Ross |

Last quarter, made headway with Tendo which is now usable in the UK. Tendo is a digital passport for frontline workers, with two-way verification built into every data point to improve trust. Ended the year in South Africa, combining bush, Johannesburg and Western Cape. Now 22 city guides on Zafiri. This quarter: focusing on Tendo, customer activation and continued localisation to enable South Africa and USA. Travel: January 2nd, back in London for two months before starting March in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Mendoza).