Will Ross | October 29, 2022

New Alexander Calder and Barbara Hepworth sculpture at Fondation Maeght near Nice. Where the Crawdads Sing read, now waterways vigilante in South Buckinghamshire near Marlow – clearing culverts and connecting waterways. Asheville, Savannah, Nashville and Greenville covered by Zafiri. Tendo publishes coffee skills glossary – press coverage.

Zafiri | October 16, 2022

Delia Owen’s Where the Crawdads Sing introduces a Carolinan agenda with Asheville and Greenville now documented. Savannah, Georgia has been charted, also The Russell in East Nashville provides a first Tennessee waypoint. A read: Grist cover an environmental dilemma for North Carolina where an estimated 426,600 metric tons of lithium can be mined – enough to produce 50 million EVs.

Skillhood | October 3, 2022

Skills Glossary hits 500 skills, with collections covering breadth of Hospitality, also skills for barber, welder, regenerative farming. Coverage in the Barista Magazine and The Coffee Magazine. Career Progression Chart in beta to help managers structure and communicate progression with their team. Aspen Institute conversation and Workday Skills Cloud release strengthens signal importance for internal career progression.