Will Ross | July 3, 2022

To San Diego to start April and attend skills / EdTech conference ASU+GSV. Tendo launches skills library at skills.tendo.id – a wiki that allows anyone at add, define, edit and upvote a skill. Goal is to connect this to a payment-like way to issue verified skills. Zafiri published guides for Boulder, Auckland and Bristol. Athletics dormant but contemporary sculpture in Bentonville, Arkansas exercises.

Skillhood | July 2, 2022

Following the sale of the domain in March, we spent the second quarter of the year building one of the missing pieces in the skills economy – a central Skills Glossary that is easy to add, edit, define and validate a skill. Find it at skills.tendo.id. During Spring, visited San Diego for ASU+GSV – met Credential Engine, Sean and Patti from Walmart Foundation too.

Zafiri | July 1, 2022

A 35th City Guide – Auckland carefully documented. Boulder and Bristol also added to the collection. Design Hotel Inhabit is the address to book in Paddington. Munich is now updated with the spacious Schwan Locke from Locke Hotels. Request Room 211 when staying at The Pineapple in San Diego. In Copenhagen, La Blanchina swimming spot and zero-waste restaurant Amass have been upvoted.